Raising a Responsible Spender

When I was just 10 years old, I clearly remember some of the responsibilities I had at home. I was the oldest of four, and being the old soul I am, probably tried to act even older than that. With my age and maturity apparently came a pretty good chore list. I had plenty of... Continue Reading →


3 Ways to Wear Shorts This Spring

It may still have been below freezing this morning in the Midwest, but we are all anxiously awaiting spring! Here are a few quick and simple ways to make your shorts work for you this season. Shorts are not my typical go-to, but these ones are! I specifically went out in search of them at... Continue Reading →

Family-friendly Paella

Over the past few years, we have been so blessed to be surrounded by great friends and a great community. Whether it was the arrival of a new baby, being stuck in the hospital or dealing with uncertainty at home, friends and family helping to bring food over is always so appreciated! When I get... Continue Reading →

Styling the Professor

Thanks again to everyone who helped share the "Here's to momma" page! I was so excited when the winner of the recent sharing contest decided to have something styled for her! I haven't seen Michelle in nearly a decade so I was excited when she won! Michelle and I worked together a while ago when... Continue Reading →

Let Me Remember This

We were driving to school this morning after a bit of a (normal) chaotic morning. I struggled to get all of you in the car on time with what seems to be our daily luggage. I rushed around and hurried you in the car. That's when I noticed you, not talking a mile a minute... Continue Reading →

What to Wear – Target

It's been a looooong time since I wandered into the dressing room and loved everything I tried on! Typically something doesn't fit quite right, isn't as I imagined it when I grabbed it off the rack or I just didn't love it. Well, yesterday was a different story. I ran into Target for some pet... Continue Reading →

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