Six Things You Won’t Find on THIS Blog

Starting this blog has been fun for me and has my mind going all the time! I’m working on figuring out the best times to post and how this blog will come together. I typically always have a well thought out plan but as for this blog I’ve decided not to get too focused on having a detailed strategy. At least not in the beginning. I want what I write to make sense at the time, to express what I’m feeling, what’s on my mind or making me feel good that moment. So as I’ve worked on several posts that will come together over time, I’ve had a chance to think about what you won’t find on my blog.

1. Hair and Make Up Tutorials. Basically my make up routine has been the same since college – some eyeliner, mascara, and bronzer if I’m feeling extra pale. I’m cursed blessed with an insane amount of hair and most days just want to keep it tame. My mom bun has been a go-to since I started staying home and on the days I do wear it down, I simply take a curling iron to my mane. It’s likely I’m anywhere from day 3 to 5 without washing and some dry shampoo when I get the most compliments. Go figure.

2. Step-by-Step Craft Instructions. Definitely not. My idea of craft time at home is throwing some paint, paper, glitter glue, and random items from the Target dollar section or Dollar Tree in the middle of the table. Then have at it! The few times I’ve attempted a kid’s craft from Pinterest has left me disappointed or doing most the work myself. Since I don’t have a lot of interest in crafting anyways I’ve decided not to waste my time or frustration.

3. Beer Recommendations. I’m hoping you’ll find plenty of wine posts and recommendations on this blog, but I don’t do beer.


Okay, just this one…

4. Regular Exotic Vacation Photos. I adore seeing new places and beautiful locations and love to travel, however, that’s no longer a big part of my life. I was fortunate enough to take some great vacations with my husband, pre-parenthood and traveled with work to places like Decatur, Belgium, and China. Yes, I said Decatur – inside joke, sorry friends. Traveling takes a lot with kids in general and when you add a medically complex kiddo to the mix, it can often feel impossible. But we are saving for a big trip down the road and have a goal to *someday* have a kid free vacation again. In the meantime, I’ll soak up others’ photos and travel the Midwest.


5. How to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket. Well, I’ve actually never gotten a speeding ticket so there’s that, plus, I’m pretty much a rule follower.

6. Judgement. Maybe the other five have given you some ideas of who I am and what interests me and what doesn’t. That said, my blog is going to be about what I enjoy and this journey as a stay-at-home mom. At no point do I want someone reading my blog to feel like what I’m doing is the right way or the only way. It’s just what I enjoy and a way to learn more about who I am now after thirty. For example, I am planning to do the Whole30 again in a couple of weeks and will definitely share that experience and engage anyone who is interested, but it doesn’t mean I think everyone should do it. Nor do I follow it by the book after the thirty-day period. (I mean I just took a cheesecake class last week for goodness sake! Oh, and did you see my dry shampoo comment?)

I’m looking forward to discussing lots of other topics and thoughts! You can learn a little more about me here

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