What to Wear – Target

It’s been a looooong time since I wandered into the dressing room and loved everything I tried on! Typically something doesn’t fit quite right, isn’t as I imagined it when I grabbed it off the rack or I just didn’t love it. Well, yesterday was a different story.

I ran into Target for some pet supplies and secretly hoped baby girl would fall asleep so I could look around a little longer. The new Universal Threads line came out in stores recently and it’s awesome. First of all, if you look at what this company is doing from a “do good” perspective, they win me over right there. Read more, here.

Then when you try it on, you’re like how is this happening and how is this so affordable?! I tried on 3 pairs of jeans, post baby and I figured it would be a no-go, but I loved every pair! They fit so great. Here’s what I’d recommend, plus a few other finds (affiliate links):

What I bought

Open layer sweater – http://shopstyle.it/l/xktQ (wearing in a XS). This is going to be great for the transition to spring! I bought green because you’ll soon find it’s my favorite color. Other colors available.


Mid-rise deconstructed, light wash jeans – http://shopstyle.it/l/xkuE. So comfortable! In stores, they didn’t have a short option available in my size, but they way they’re cut the regular length was actually fine. Bought in a 4 regular.

Pocket-tee – These are 2 for $14 right now. I grabbed this navy denim and a grey top.


Mas Amor t-shirt – http://shopstyle.it/l/xkxx. This was a total impulse buy when I was on my way to the register. I love it! Buuuuut…it’s not practical for breastfeeding right now so I’ll probably return it.  You should buy it though and take a picture for me! Wearing in a small.


What else I loved

Embroidered front-tie tee- http://shopstyle.it/l/xkAo. Adorable! It’s shorter than I typically like but fortunately all the jeans were a good mid or high rise. Not practical for my breastfeeding days so it stayed at the store. Wearing in a small.

Mid-rise, curvy skinny jeans – http://shopstyle.it/l/xkCu. They were comfy, too and fit great! I did try on the short, but at 5’2″ would still need to cuff them. I had to make choices this month and these will have to wait or go. But I was so excited to find some options to get me out of my maternity pants (though, I still have a love-hate relationship with them for now.) Wearing a small.


Pullover tunic – http://shopstyle.it/l/xkDC. Love this! It was super comfortable and would be great will leggings or jeans. I had to pass this time, but if you want a comfy, lightweight sweater check it out. Wearing in a xs. I could have gone for a small, too but store sizes are limited.


For more, check out the purses and the shoes! Enjoy!

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