Nursing Friendly Finds Under $30 at Target

All of these finds below are from Target…because Target. One note, if you’ve JUST had your baby, I like to wait at least a month or two before buying something really new. It’s amazing how fast your body can change in those first couple of months postpartum.

During that time, I typically wear my maternity clothes (obviously) but will also venture out to a consignment or thrift store to buy a few “new” things but for super cheap. It’s likely I only will wear them those first few months, but it’s a nice way to wear something besides maternity clothes but not feel overwhelmed by making real clothing purchases yet.

When you’ve got a bit more of a handle on your situation, here are some great options that are nursing friendly and postpartum friendly for this spring and summer! I love Target because there’s a good chance you’re going to end up there while baby is napping anyway, right?

*Please note these are affiliate links, you can learn more on my About me page. While I may earn pennies for you to use these links, I only ever post what I would wear and what I love! 


Wrap front tank –

Floral blouse, this is gorgeous and lightweight!

Nursing cami –


Shorts for sleep (or not) –

If you want out of your maternity pants, but don’t want “real” jeans yet, check out these!

Everyday Dresses

Sleeveless dress –

Simple and flattering, size up. A favorite of mine!

Officially a maternity dress, but comfy and great for feeding –

Need to dress up?

Wrap dress –

Wrap dress in additional sizes –

Essentials (love this brand for maternity, nursing and typical clothing items!)

Seamless nursing bra –

Button down pjs –

Swing tank –

Over $30, but a hands free pumping bra is critical!

Hope you find these useful! The most important part of nursing your baby is you and your baby. Do what works for you, give yourself grace and enjoy your little one. Here’s to you, momma!

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