Momma’s weekly crush

Hey! We’re two for two here sharing some pieces I’m crushing on with all of you. Cheers to that!

I seriously cannot believe it’s July and we’re half way through with summer already. It’s a bittersweet feeling here. While we really haven’t hung out with any friends, we’ve been making the most of our days and my capabilities to get all three girls out of the house when it makes sense and also use a sitter to help break up our time in the house.

You may or may not know that my middle daughter has a severe form of epilepsy and many special medical needs. This year on top of her heat sensitivity, we’ve also been dealing with some type of neurological reaction to the sun or just outside…even on cloudy days. Thankfully, I found a great nursing student that helps on the days I work and we use her for a couple hours during the week to get outside with the other kids. It’s far from ideal but it’s making summer a lot more manageable.

So here our my current style crushes for you to check out! Yes…there are two sweaters/long sleeve pieces! I guess I’m ready for at least some cool mornings or cool nights. This heat is brutal!

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Ruffle bag –

This adorable dress is 70% off-

Waiting for this to arrive “with love” –

This little floral jacket can be found at Target –

I really, really want this comfy chenille sweater –

And this adorable cover-up is just $20 –

Have a great rest of the week, friends!

Here’s to you,


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