htmmeLove like a mother,
Eat til your soul’s content &
Dress like you know what you’re doing…

Hi there! I’m Erin, author here at “Here’s to momma”  and am known as Mom to three amazing girls and on this journey with my wonderful husband. I’m focusing on celebrating the every day – the joys and the simple luxuries – and also finding peace with the hard moments and heartaches of mommahood.

I’m no mom expert. No expert in any one thing really, but I do know being a mom is so much more than simply “being mom.” It’s about still knowing yourself, finding time for the people you love, the things you love and knowing you would do anything for those who call you mom.

I’m here to write and share stories of my days as a typical mom, a special needs mom, an in between mom, a used-to-be working mom, and an unexpected stay-at-home mom – and now finding the balance part time. I also love fashion, wine, coffee, good food (from Whole30 style to any kind of cheesecake), dancing, running, a great TV drama series, musicals and more.  Every day since my middle daughter’s first seizure I’ve been on my faith journey, too. I’ve always believed in God but didn’t take time to work on any relationship and now, well, I do. Our plans for life have changed quite a bit and we’ve learned that living the life in front of you is so much more important than the life you have written on paper. We live well within our means to make sure we have what we need for our children and not to become over consumed with things (or at least we try).  I’ll write about all of this. Not just one thing because being a mom means being yourself, being an extended- often tired – all giving self in every way that makes you you. So here’s to you, here’s to us, and here’s to momma!

The Unexpected Move to SAHM

About three years ago, I started staying home with my youngest daughter. Our life plans (and definitely my plans) flipped every way possible after my youngest was born and diagnosed with a catastrophic form of epilepsy. I never planned to stay at home, I had big career goals and loved my job.

Since that first seizure, my journey as a mom has been impacted more than I could have ever imagined. Truly for the better, but nonetheless hard and unplanned. I believe there are more moms coping with struggles like this, and we find it hard to talk about. I hope this is a space where we can share joys and hardships, while also celebrating ourselves and the things that makes us, us.

While this blog won’t be all about special needs or doctor visits, it will definitely be an ongoing theme. So for those of you who don’t connect with these stories personally, I understand. My hope though is that if you follow my blog for other good reasons (you know like wine and shoes!) you still read some of these segments.  I hope you never have to face these challenges, but chances are someone in your life will – friend, family member, coworker – and it is good for all of us to look for ways to help. I am so thankful to the wonderful people (including many other mommas) who helped me during the shift from full-time-working mom to full-time-stay-at-home mom and who continue to support me in being myself and the best mom I can be.


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