How to Style Your Grey Tee for Spring

Spring is soooo close! (Right?) At least here it's over freezing again and the forecast doesn't show any signs of below zero windchill or snow, so I'm going with it. Today, I tried my first attempt at flat lays (ok, honestly my third or fourth, but I became too frustrated and got interrupted before I... Continue Reading →


Styling the Professor

Thanks again to everyone who helped share the "Here's to momma" page! I was so excited when the winner of the recent sharing contest decided to have something styled for her! I haven't seen Michelle in nearly a decade so I was excited when she won! Michelle and I worked together a while ago when... Continue Reading →

Let Me Remember This

We were driving to school this morning after a bit of a (normal) chaotic morning. I struggled to get all of you in the car on time with what seems to be our daily luggage. I rushed around and hurried you in the car. That's when I noticed you, not talking a mile a minute... Continue Reading →

What to Wear – Target

It's been a looooong time since I wandered into the dressing room and loved everything I tried on! Typically something doesn't fit quite right, isn't as I imagined it when I grabbed it off the rack or I just didn't love it. Well, yesterday was a different story. I ran into Target for some pet... Continue Reading →

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